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What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is a permanent ink design placed under your skin. These designs can reflect something important about you, or can just be a way to collect awesome artwork.

Are tattoos really permanent?

Medical technology has come a long way in recent years. There are surgeries and laser treatments available; however, these are extremely costly and can take months or years to remove a tattoo completely. Please make all your tattoo decisions with the idea that it will be permanent, or at very least will cost 10x as much to remove as it does to apply.

Why is it important to be tattooed in a sterile environment?

The tattooing process creates small holes in your skin that can allow bacteria and viruses to enter your body. The most widely known diseases are HIV and Hepatitis. These are known as blood-borne pathogens because they require contact with the blood in order to spread the infection. This is why we have specific healing instructions to help you keep your tattoo clean while it heals up.

Diversified Ink utilizes one-time-use ink containers and needles, our artists wear medical-grade gloves, and we sterilize all of our equipment in a hospital-grade autoclave to kill any and all pathogens. All of our staff are also Bloodborne Pathogen trained by the Red Cross and licensed by the State of Maine. If you have any questions about our safety and cleanliness procedures, please give us a call or stop by the shop. We can even give you a tour and show you how we stay clean and sterile to protect our clients.

Do tattoos hurt?

Maybe. It depends on the person. The best descriptions we've heard say that it feels like a ballpoint pen writing firmly on your skin. Others describe it like an animal scratch level of discomfort. It's really not that bad at all and we find most people can tolerate it very easily. It's more of an annoyance than a pain in most cases.

How old do I need to be to get a tattoo?

You must be 18 years old in order to receive a tattoo in the State of Maine.

What if I'm pregnant, or have a medical condition or allergy?

We avoid tattooing those that are possibly pregnant, have epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, hemophilia, or allergies to latex, metal, or cocoa butter. For the safety of our artists and clients, we cannot tattoo those who have a communicable disease/infection such as Hepatitis or MRSA.

What do I need to bring with me to my tattoo session?

You must bring your government-issued photo ID to your appointment and be ready to answer a few basic medical questions (such as if you are diabetic, or are on any medications). We're required to photocopy your ID for our records.

How much do tattoos cost?

Each of our artists price their work individually. Generally they fall in the range of $150 - $180 an hour. Sometimes our artists will forego the hourly rate and quote you a price up front and stick to that price even if the work takes longer than predicted.

Do I tip my tattoo artist?

It is entirely up to you. We graciously accept tips, but they are not required. If you do decide to tip your artist, you may do so in cash, or by adding it to the total amount we charge your credit/debit card at the end of your session.

Do you take walk-in tattoos?

We do take walk-in tattoos; however, we are often scheduled several weeks or months out and may be booked up when you decide to come in. This is why we suggest requesting a quote so we can work together to set up an appointment to have your work done. If you are unsure of when you'll be available and would like to try a walk-in anyway, give the shop a call before you stop by to make sure one of our artists will be free to work with you.

Do I need an appointment for a piercing?

No, we do all our piercings on a walk-in basis. Our piercing hours are posted on our home page. Come by as early as you can. We have only so much time in the day to do piercings and are forced to close piercings for the day early if we have a waiting room full of clients.

Can a child or minor receive a piercing?

Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. You must bring and present 1) the minor's birth certificate, and 2) the government issued photo ID of the parent/guardian present.

This is required for our records, by the State of Maine, to prove the accompanying adult has parental/guardian permission to allow their child to receive a piercing. Any walk-in customers not providing these documents will unfortunately be turned away until the proper documents can be presented.

What forms of payment do you accept for tattoos/piercings?

We always accept cash. We also accept debit and credit cards. We do NOT accept personal checks.

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