Siobhan Alexander

With a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Endicott College, Siobhan is one of Diversified Ink’s newest and up-and- coming Tattoo Artists.

Drawing and painting have been the chosen passions of this quirky girl – even as a child, and she has been heavily involved in the Downtown Bangor arts community since her early teen years. It was around this time that an interest in tattooing began to grow until fully blooming as the focus of her Bachelor thesis studies.

With artistic influences such as Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Jeremy Mann, and Eric Lacombe, Siobhan strives to fully explore the realms and potential of painting, favoring expressive acrylic and rigid line work. To see more of Siobhan’s work please feel free to check out her website –

Siobhan spends her free time drawing whimsical doodles and learning the rhythms of drumming.


Tattoo Portfolio