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Siobhán Alexander

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Siobhán's Biography

I get asked quite often, “what made you decide to become a tattoo artist?” and every time I can’t help but laugh a little to myself – what was it exactly that did make me want to shift my drive and direction down this path?

The usual response I give is always something along the lines of “deciding I did not want to be a gallery artist.” – and honestly, that holds accurate.

I have been involved in the arts since the early age of six, when my keenly observant parents noticed my interest in drawing and enrolled me in fine arts classes designed for my age group. It was quite the jump from grocery store coloring contests to classic still lifes – but I never turned back.

I followed the fine art path all the way up to the collegiate level, graduating from Endicott College with my Bachelors of Fine Art.

It was about two years into my degree when I started to feel like maybe working as a gallery artist was not where my artistic self would be most satisfied. This realization really threw me for a loop, because up until that point I had never really questioned my direction in life. Painting and illustration had always been my passion and I found myself wanting to try translating the styles that I had begun to develop to a new medium.

I had always had and interest in tattoos – coming up with designs for friends and having collected a few myself – and decided to pursue a semester long internship at one of the local studios in my hometown of Bangor, Maine. My experience at Diversified Ink over the three months I was there observing really inspired me to further educate myself on the tattoo industry and its’ culture, focusing my senior thesis studies on the history of tattoos and tattoo design. I found a plethora of information out there, and have come to acquire a deep respect and appreciation for tattooing as an art form, the artists themselves, and those who choose to adorn their bodies with the permanence and sacred nature of ink.

After graduating, I was fortunate enough to have Diversified Ink take me on as an apprentice where I was then able to apply my studies to the knowledge that was offered by the many artists of Diversified.

Now currently a resident artist at Diversified Ink since 2015, I am constantly striving to improve upon my artist skills and direction.

I enjoy depicting the natural beauty of the animal kingdom in abstracted, illustrative, and colorful ways and I have a particular soft spot for birds of all natures – I just find them to be so beautiful! I specialize predominantly in watercolor and painterly tattoos as well as illustrative and geometric – but I am more than willing to take on any project.