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Piercing Aftercare

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Never touch your new piercing with unclean hands. Infections can ruin a new piercing!

Healing Care Instructions

2-3 times a day clean your piercing:

  • Wash your hands well.
  • Wet your piercing with warm water and remove all the crust that may have formed as it is healing.
  • Put soap in your hands and work up lather.
  • Lather up the piercing and rotate the hoop through the piercing so the lather can get inside.
  • Rinse well again rotating the piercing through the hole to rinse inside.

Do a sea salt soak once a day:

  • You can pick up sea salt at any grocery store.
  • Mix 1/8 tsp. of sea salt to one coffee mug full of warm water.
  • Use a cotton ball to absorb some of the mixture and squeeze it out over the piercing.
  • Rotate the piercing to get the salt mixture inside.
  • Pat the piercing dry with a fresh clean paper towel.


Lip Piercing Aftercare Instructions

  • Healing Time: 7-14 Days
  • You will need: Antiseptic mouth wash, water sports bottle, sea salt, ice…ice…ice…, and ibuprofen.
  • Use your sports bottle and fill it half way with mouthwash and half water.  Rinse with this mixture after every time you put something in your mouth other than water and ice.
  • NO smoking for at least 5 days.
  • Twice a day mix 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt to a coffee mug full of warm water and swish in your mouth until you’ve used entire mixture.
  • Eat soft cool foods for the first few days, such as oatmeal, broth based soups, and plain pasta.  Stay away from acidic foods such as oranges and tomatoes for the first 3-4 days. Stay away from beer, wine and malt liquors for the first week.  They have yeast cultures in them and can cause a yeast infection in your mouth. Last but not least, stay away from dairy products for the first week.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please give Bethany or Sierra a call at (207) 947-7238.

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