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Congratulations on your new tattoo!  We’ve done our best to give you a piece of art you can be proud of, now the ball is in your court to heal it up properly and keep it looking sharp for years to come.

A tattoo heals very much like a sunburn does-it will itch, and flake, and feel warm to the touch.  All of these are normal healing processes and will pass in a short time.

Two hours after your appointment, wash the tattoo down with warm water and antibacterial soap (Golden liquid Dial is recommended).  After the wash, pat it dry with a clean paper towel and rub in a little bit of Aquaphor. Use only a light coat-if it’s greasy looking, you’ve used too much.

You will continue the once daily wash and Aquaphor in the morning and evening until the tattoo begins to flake (this is usually 3 days, but may be more or less depending on your skin type and age).  After the flaking begins, stop using the Aquaphor and switch to a morning and evening application of a sensitive skin lotion such as Eucerin or Lubriderm.

In general, it is important to keep these rules in mind:

  • A tattoo is an open wound for the first few days and can get infected.  Keep your tattoo away from pools, hot tubs, gym equipment, and pets until it is done flaking.  DO NOT touch it yourself or let your friends touch it unless you’ve washed your dirty mitts. If you work a messy job, make sure your tattoo is covered by clothing at work until it is healed.  Also, do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for two weeks.
  • Though it may itch like crazy as it heals, DO NOT pick at or scratch the area.  It is tempting to pick off skin flakes or little scabby spots, but do your best to ignore them.  If you pick, you can peel out some of the ink before it has a chance to heal in, leaving holes in your tattoo.  A little sensitive skin lotion can take some of the edge off.
  • A tattoo likes to be left alone.  Over caring for it can be more harmful than just ignoring it entirely.  DO NOT use peroxide, Neosporin, or rubbing alcohol. DO NOT wash it five times a day-once a day when you shower is enough.
  • If you believe your tattoo is becoming infected or you’re having any other issues with healing, contact us right away (207) 947-7238 and we’ll discuss the best course of action with you.

If you love your tattoo, please be sure to give us a review on Facebook, Google, and Yelp! Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated and helps potential new clients know what to expect if they choose to work with us!